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 High Adventure's Mission team's safe arrival in Uganda

with GFTG clothes & Bears With Heart  PTL! 

Baby Kayto-Wayne near death discovered

 Baby Kayto-Wayne near death.

His grave had already been dug. His Mother left him there & his father didn't want him. But God had another plan to rescue him.

Nakyessa Clinic staff with new GFTG gifts

 Hospital Staff above & GFTG Gifts

Marty with Nurse Louis & Baby Kayto nursed back to health

 Marty (Left above) with Kayto rescued from near starvation death back to health & holding a GFTG 'Bear with Heart' toy, now with Nurse Louis, his new care giver (right) at the Nakyessa Clinic.

Amazing story of God's intervention

HAGCM team in Uganda Aug. 5 & now home safely a month later. 


 Photographs courtesy of High Adventure

Lab Assistant Grace & Marty (right) receiving new GFTG gifts for premie babies

Lab Assist. Grace receiving GFTG garments for Preemie Babies via Marty/HAGCM

Hospital staff with more GFTG gifts for babies

Hospital staff with more GFTG baby items & receiving blankets for new Moms.

What blessings! 


New Fleece Baby Blankets & Newborn clothing Gifts

all for Uganda Medical Clinic via High Adventure Gospel Communications Ministries mission trip-left on August 5, 2011 at 9:00 p.m.  Praise the Lord!

See results report via photos above.  

GFTG home sewn gifts by Mil Vaughan for Uganda Medical Clinic for new Moms

A big thank you to our dear Solo Gal, Mrs. Mil Vaughan of Kirkfield, ON.


Garments For The Gospel-Bears with Heart series



** Agencies &
Nations Served **
by GFTG to date.

Bible Voice:
Uganda, Kenya, Indonesia & Iraq.

Ukraine, Latvia, Russia.

Kid’s Alive Canada:
Zambia, Haiti and Peru.

Various Churches:
Bolivia, Africa, Ukraine, Latvia, Orillia, Romania, Ethiopia.

Salvation Army

Pregnancy Crisis Center

Foundation for Mercy & Sharing:
Africa &

Medical Missions International:
3rd world countries

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Our Motto: “Sewing To Share The Saviour!”

GFTG, founded by Jan in 1996, is a program Evangelistic in nature and in outreach.


We sew for the privilege of sharing the Gospel with needy children & their families around the world.

All items sent have a Gospel garment label sewn in stating,

"Jesus Loves You" (John. 3:16)


Each label is translated into the child’s own language whenever possible, along with the church or donor’s name.


Jan personally presents GFTG locally or by making our 56 page Starter’s Kit available for purchase throughout the country to church groups or simply to individuals (known as ‘Solo Gals’) wishing to participate.


The Starter's Kit includes everything you need to get started. Assistance and encouragement are always available.


Watch for new updates and ongoing  projects locally & around the World.


 Visit our GFTG Blog page for more updates


Garments For The Gospel-Gifts sent to Peru via Kids Alive Canada


Garments For The Gospel-PJs sent to Ukraine orphanage

To read the complete HART magazine article on the Ukraine GFTG children's PJ project Click on the following file... 

Hart Newsletter-Fall-Winter 1998 Ed. (pdf opens in new window)

Used with permission.  Please enjoy.


Garments For The Gospel-PJ's worn by Ukraine orphans


PJ gifts for Bolivian Prison Children
GFTG PJ's for Bolivian Prison Children


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