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The Stories Behind Each of Jan's Paintings 


 JULIA'S  ROSE - Watercolor by Jan Howlett  &

The Story behind the Art

Julias Rose Watercolor by Jan Howlett

"...In quietness and trust is your strength..." 

Is. 30:15

Julia's Rose, the most unusually coffee coloured of all roses, is a mild perfumed 4" semi double, 17-25 petalled long stem bloom, growing 2-5 feet.  Its copper buds turn to soft apricot pink and brown petals, fading to parchment.  This earthly, hidden garden jewel shows Julia's dependency on caregivers to nurture and protect her life so her delicate beauty can continue radiating God’s glory to all who behold her.

So too, we find that our strength rests solely in our Creator God. As we reflect Christ-like character, He is glorified.  Although we are weak and frail, no matter what we face in life,  it is as we rest quietly, trusting in Him alone that we discover that Jesus is our life, our strength and our beauty!


Watercolr-Apples to Treasure by Jan Howlett  

"Keep My teachings...as the apple of your eye... ” 
(Prov. 7:1,2)

Proverbs 7: 1, 2 inspires us to apply God’s Holy Word and
thereby learn to treasure the commands of the Lord.  When
we do so, we bring the Saviour joy and become rich with His
Wisdom.  Holy Scripture is God’s love letter to His children,
and we are not only comforted and blessed when we abide in
His Word every day, but we also come to know our
precious Lord and Saviour in an intimate and powerful way.
Indeed, His Words are Living Words and bring Life to our soul.

  --By:  Mrs. Jan Howlett
   The Shepherd's Gallery:Scripture Pictures

Apples To Treasure:  Transparent Watercolour  DPB *127

16” x 20” “ (41cm x 51cm), 140 lb. Bockingford Cold Press
Featured on Pg. F-104-Center Colour Folio in
“The Treasure of His Company:
A Collection of Devotional Poetry & Meditations Vol. 1”
By Jan Howlett ©2005


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