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 Garments For The Gospel is an extension of Feeding His Lambs Ministries Canada



Garments For The Gospel Solo Gal Associate Partner Chapters (Canadian, American & Foreign) are operated by a single individual (or, in small or large groups outside Church environments) and are all self-supporting, independent works who conduct this ministry under the Policies and general structure of GFTG.  The Gospel Garment Label sewn into each item is the criteria to qualify as a true GFTG ministry.


Each GFTG Solo Gal Associate choose their own projects whether by sewing, knitting, quilting, weaving etc.  They also choose the recipients who will receive such gifts, whether they be for needy individuals (children & /or adults), families, groups or organizations etc., and will provide for their own shipping and delivery expenses of those gifts, Garment Gospel labels, Gospel tracts and so on. 


We can suggest several trustworthy Agencies we work with who generously cover the overseas expenses by shipping in huge containers.  We just tag along for the ride.


Each Solo Associate is free to grow and, if they so desire, as God leads, expand into a group-oriented ministry following the Policies and general structure of GFTG.  They are, however, also free to remain as a one-person chapter and work at their own pace.


Both Solo Gal Associates and Church GFTG Groups ministries are continually supported by prayer here at Head Office, and may desire to continue to correspond with us sharing prayer requests and items for praise, testimonials for future use in presentations, ask advice or share tips etc., as well as any new Gospel Garment Label translations as they become available. 


Upon request, we in turn will share any new translations we may receive to update your kits as well.  This will save much time and energy for all of us. Remember, Jan is available to answer any of your questions either by phone from 1:00 p.m.-8 p.m. Monday to Friday, by letter, or by E-mail at ....

Although the GFTG Manual and Starter's Kit are copyrighted please feel free to photocopy any of the forms or work instructions in the Starter’s Kit. 

Lord willing, if the interest in GFTG continues to grow, the GFTG  Presentation Demonstration Workshop , including the short Testimonial of “The Story Behind The Story”, may become available on Video DVD, either to use as a personal introduction, or as a tool to present the program to your church or friends. 


For now, if you wish to promote GFTG, Brochures can be obtained by request via our email address above. The Video DVD would be available for a reasonable fee in the near future.  We will keep you posted when and if it becomes available.


We are delighted that the Lord has called you to join hands, or are prayerfully considering doing so, with GFTG as a "Solo Gal Associate" and we warmly and lovingly welcome you.  May the Lord bless you richly. 


Please don’t hesitate to write us at this address  if we can assist you in anything.  No concern is too small or too large. We are here for you.

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