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(30 Minute Broadcast)
How Do You Respond When God Speaks?"

How Do You Respond When God Speaks-1003-D23-30m.mp3


Ever wonder how to win life`s race in today's world?  Here's the answer... 

(37 Minute Broadcast)  A.M. Service

"Running The Race of Faith"  Hebrews 12:1-3  

Running The Race of Faith-Heb. 12. 1-3.mp3


(36 Minute Broadcast )  A.M. Service

"Running To Win The Prize!"    Philippians 3:1-14 

Running To win The Prize-Phil. 3.1-14.mp3


   (32 Minute Broadcast ) 

 "God's Boundless Love"   Romans 5: 6-8

God's Boundless Love-Rom.5.6-8.mp3


 P.M. Service (38 Minute Broadcast)

"Is There Truly A New Age Coming?"  2 Peter 3

Is There Truly A New Age Coming-p.m. serv.- 2 Peter 3.mp3


A.M. Service (38 Minute Broadcast) 

"How Vital Is God's Word?"  2 Peter 1:16 - 2:22 

How Vital Is God's Word-a.m.-2 Peter 1.16 to 2.22.mp3


P.M.  Service  (37 Minute Broadcast) 

"Conquering Our Worries"  Psalm 27 

Conquering Our Worries-p.m.-Ps.27.mp3


A.M. Service  (30 Minute Broadcast)

F01  "How Well Do You Know Jesus Christ?"  2 Peter 1:1-11

How Well Do You Know Jesus Christ-a.m.-2Pet.1.mp3


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