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    Reviews on Jan's book,         The Treasure of His Company.  Please add your review below.  Let us know how the Lord has used this book to encourage, challenge or grow in your walk with the Lord.  How has it helped you to "treasure" the Lord Jesus Christ all the more?  What was your favourite story, poem or quote?



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Report shared by Sue Stevens....

We were visiting with Al & Sue, dear friends who shared a prayer request for a waitress named Julie for whom they were trying to think of a gift that they could give to comfort and encourage her heart so that she would know that God loved her.

As we talked, the idea came up that my book might be just the gift they were looking for and that God  would use.  You see Julie was deeply saddened as she lived with the terrible news that her husband was seriously ill with brain Cancer and stage 4 terminal Lung Cancer.

Julie shared that while she was walking her dogs one grey morning and praying as she went, all of a sudden for just a brief time, the sun broke through the clouds and she took it as a comfort and that it was a sure sign that there was a God.

As only God could orchestrate life, it was about the same time that Julie unexpectedly received a gift copy of an autographed copy of Jan's book, The Treasure of His Company, from our dear friends Al & Sue and who were also two of Julie's customers.

She was deeply touched with emotion as she hugged them with tears in her eyes at receiving such a love gift and what it meant to her. Unknown to her other Christian friends had been praying for her as well.

It is always such a joy to see the Lord working in so many ways and through many believers from so many different places geographically in answer to prayer to minister to just one needy soul.

A few days later Al & Sue excitedly phoned me with the precious news that Julie's testimony was that as she read the book she found it to be such a blessing and, in fact, it had inspired her to start memorizing a verse of Scripture each week to strenthen her heart; verses found in Jan’s book.

What a wonderful and encouraging report to know that God is still using Jan's book in so many different ways, ministering to every conceivable heart need.  All praise to God!

Let’s uphold this dear lady in our prayers as she and her husband face this battle and that they will come to know God’s everlasting Peace and Strength.


Hi Jan & Ross,
I became a Christian at the age of 13.  Paula Hughes, my Sunday School teacher, led me to the Lord in November of 1983. I was baptized that same year and I have been witnessing to my family and friends that were not Christian's yet ever since.
Jan, your book The Treasure of His Company has helped me be a witness to my friend Lori & her Mom & her Papa Tom as well.  I know in my Heart that God loves them.
Both my brother Greg and I grew up in a Christian home and we were glad to have such good parents and grandparents, both on my Mom's side and Dad's side.  I have been a Christian for 30 years.   
--Janet Reader



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