A moment of silence can be a powerful moment even as it was in today's Remembrance Day services in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Watching the many faces of the remaining Veterans, faces of those remembering their loved ones lost to wars, but never forgotten, and the new young people in the crowd were very moving. It was encouraging to see and listen to some of the youth as they expressed what this day meant to them; for many of them, it was their first time at these services in our capital.

Seeing the awe and quiet respect etched on their faces revealed deep emotions, showing afresh that these young ones would carry on this legacy of freedom and tradition with their peers and eventually with their children. 

Just a moment of silence, but a moment not only filled with love and deep sorrow for this horrific loss of human life but a deep pride as they remembered this unspeakable and noble sacrifice made by so many. Because of God's amazing Grace let us remember these past heroes and present-day soldiers and peacekeepers together. Let us never forget!