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Jan at her easel painting
Primroses-Spring Beauty Surprise photo

The "Spring Beauty Surprise" flowers above inspired the Radio Prog. below.

More Radio programming to come.

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NOTE: If you CANNOT jump forward in the radio program, please try listening to it on another browser such as Chrome or Fire Fox. Our Servers are trying to fix a technical glitch occurring on Internet Explorer, but it is taking a long time. 

Many thanks for your patience.

Radio Program Spring Beauty Surprise is

13 Minutes. Enjoy below. 

Spring Beauty Surprise-Bv-49.mp3

Radio Program - Safe Ice? (Proverbs 3:5) is 05 Minutes.  Enjoy below.

Safe Ice Poem Audio.mp3

 Radio Program But Lord Who Am I?  is 5 Minutes. Enjoy below. 

But Lord Who Am I-BV-51.mp3

 Radio Program Patience and Desert Honey is 10 Minutes. Enjoy below. 

Patience and Desert Honey-BV-50.mp3



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