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 Some Personal Words From two of our

FHLM Canada Advisory Council

Dr. Chuck Ohman writes, "Ross Howlett's uncompromising message and strict adherence to ethical principles have gained him a place of trust in evangelical circles. Not only is he a gifted preacher and teacher of the Word, but also an accomplished musician, excelling on the trumpet, the instrument of kings.  I highly recommend this choice man and his dear wife, Jan, for your spiritual uplifting.”

Rev. Dr. Chuck Ohman, Troy, Michigan, USA

Vice  President of  J. V. I.  Ministries, & Renown International Trumpeter and is the amazing voice

that narrates the New Testament on Compact Disc



 Dr. John M. Moore, Evangelist

Dr. John Moore writes, “The ministry of Ross and Jan Howlett is of outstanding quality...Ross’ prayerful preparation and presentation builds up the people of God, and reaches the hearts of the uncommitted.  I cordially endorse their ministry, both in word and music.”

Dr. John M. Moore, Stouffville, Ontario. Canada

(Dr. Moore went home to be with the Lord November 2, 2017

See our December 2017 Newsletter obituary for details.)

International Evangelist, Bible Teacher, & Hymn-writer.

Especially known for his hymn, written in 1952,

'Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary ....

Listen to the story behind this precious hymn & watch  Dr Moore as he tells & later sings the hymn at the end   with his Concertina, @ about the 9 minute mark .

4 better view AFTER you start the video, click on the quality settings wheel button-choose 480p

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