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FHLM Banner by Jan Howlett

   Watch Jan's 2 part YouTube video (8 Min. each)

Scroll down to 2 see Jan's TV Interview on 100 Huntley St.! 


NEW!  Summer JUNE  2018 Newsletter pdf below

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News Events:

Jan interviewed on 100 Huntley Street 

Moira Brown of 100 Huntley Street-Crossroads T.V. live interview of Jan Howlett showcasing her new book The Treasure of His Company-Devotional Poetry & Meditations Vol. 1

An amazing and exciting once in a life time

experience and privilege. 

 The Live Interview from the original 

program aired June 26, 2007 

on 100 Huntley Street   Prog. #7834 

Is now available directly here & viewable in 2 parts at 8.13 min. each 



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