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Jan's Bio  Background


Personal Ministry:

Although Jan did not have the same heritage as Ross, she graduated in 1968 with a 3-year Mission’s Diploma from Toronto Bible College now Tyndale College University & Seminary.   While in residence she worked among the deaf and hearing children at Rev. Bob Rumball’s church for The Deaf, as well as serving with the Toronto Russian Church for her Christian service opportunities.  After graduation, while awaiting God’s final direction for her life, Jan worked as a secretary-receptionist for the Toronto City Hall Health Department.  Later she became a Watercolor artist, published author, Founder of the outreach sewing ministry Garments For The Gospel, and Devotional Speaker to ladies groups.


Watercolor 'Julia's Rose' by Jan HowlettARTWORK & BOOK: A major portion of Jan’s side of this ministry is her Scripture engraved Watercolor pictures. As a Watercolorist, Jan is self-taught.   Each painting is the result of her walk with the Lord out of times of joy or heartache, discovering God’s Truth, or being disciplined by it to trust Him in some unexplained dark place. They are also a visible testimony of praise to God’s sustaining grace for living the Christian life day by day.   Jan’s Scripture artwork has been in several local Christian bookstores and art shops over the years, as well as currently available at her home office in Orillia.  Jan is also available to teach her watercolor techniques on a one-on-one basis, by appointment only. Jan's inspirational poetry, as well as her devotional writings are now published in her new book entitled,

Front cover of Jan's book   The Treasure of His Company: A Collection

    of  Devotional Poetry & Meditations Vol 1. 

 This new illustrated book, released in January 2005, is also available in the Treasure House Christian Supplies in both Barrie & Newmarket, Tiffin’s Creative Centre and Manticore Books both in Orillia, Tyndale University College & Seminary, as well as Fair Havens Bible Conference & Elim Lodge Christian Resort in Peterborough, and the Haliburton Christian Bookstore, etc. or order directly from Jan. (To Order Book click here.)

Jan to speaks at ladies Coffee Hours, Bible groups, Workshops and Bible Conferences  within a 2-3 hour local radius in the past and continues today sharing her testimony & devotional Bible messages as time and health permits.  (She may also plan to develop devotional audio programs in the near future  to be available on this website for your encouragement.)

Jan also keeps the ministry office running, prepares their prayer newsletter twice a year known as “The Lamb’s Gazette” and helps Ross with the radio broadcasts by reading excerpts from her book from time to time.  Jan has also served in her home church as a co-chair person on the Ladies Coffee Hour Executive for 5 years, until stepping down May 2005 to devote her full energies toward ministry events and speaking engagements to share her new book.


GFTG:  Last but not least…..

In 1996, Jan founded an outreach-sewing ministry for needy children around the world called "Garments For The Gospel."   The first Chapter was started at First Baptist Church in Orillia, along with a 100 page instructional Starter’s Kit including The Sewer's Guideline Manual for new members. 

Due to Jan's declining health we are pleased to announce that long-time family friend, Ms. Sharon Brown also a graduate of TBC, was led of the Lord to take up the 'Baton,' and became the new Director November 18, 2017. She will carry on the precious work of GFTG in the Lord's strength. The new headquarters is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Watch for new updates as they become available.


Gospel Garment Labels that read “Jesus Loves You’  (John 3:16) in the child’s own native language are sewn right into each item, literally making them, "garments for the Gospel".  A gospel tract, whenever possible, is placed in each pocket. 

Because of this effort and God’s blessing several group/church chapters have sprung up from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Brantford to Norland, Ontario to Alberta, with many more seriously praying with the intent of starting their own GFTG in the near future, including one in Texas in the United States.


Many GFTG P.J.’s & children’s clothing items have been sent with missionary follow up to hundreds of children into Bolivia, the Ukraine, Orillia, and more recently to Peru, Africa, Mexico, Iraq & Ugandan, Latvian, Romania and Ethiopian orphanages.   Our motto is: “Sewing To Share The Saviour.”

Several years ago, individual GFTG sewers evolved out of the original work to include those workers whose churches were unable to do GFTG as a church program.  Because these ladies wanted to serve the Lord in this work by following under the same program, but on their own, they are now known as "Solo Gals." This endeavor has already proved a rich blessing and joy to many sewers and to many needy children as well.  PTL


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