Pastor Sylvester giving out new Luo BiblesGIFT OF LIFE FOR MANY.... 
We were so delighted to receive a wonderful update and new photos from Pastor Sylvester from Kenya, Africa!  After his long journey from Siaya to Kisumu December 29th, 2009 to pick up the long awaited Bibles sent by Feeding His Lambs Ministries Canada with the help, guidance and arrangement of contact through High Adventure/Bible Voice on our behalf, he was able to arrange for their distribution on January 10, 2010 to a very eager and delighted congregation. 

On this partiuclar Sunday the numbers were so great that they moved the service outside under the trees.  Originally the request was for 150 Bibles.  Consequently, they did run out of Bibles to give out.  We pray the remaining need for Bibles will be fulfilled. 

Congregation deep in study with new BiblesWe were just so pleased to see this part of our project come full  circle and happy to share this report with all those who have been praying, preparing, travelling, and financing the gift of 50 Luo Bibles to this very needy congregation.  So we offer full praise to our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ for answering these many prayers. We continue to pray that it may be possible to send more Bibles in the future.

Our hearts are encouraged to see such hunger for God's Word and know the Lord will bless these dear ones.  Let us keep them in our prayers and hearts.  Blessings, Ross & Jan/FHLMC