FHLM RADIO IN LIBERIA, AFRICA Via Galcom on Worship FM! & Bible Voice PTL!
Blind Worker Dorbor and co-worker photoTen years ago Brother Dorbor lost his sight and with it all his friends. He soon accepted his situation and learned all he could from whatever blind ministry was available in Liberia.  The brutal Liberian wars of 1989-1996 & 1997-2003 added to his great pain. Don McLaughlin, President of High Adventure Gospel Comm. Ministries writes, “His [Dorbor’s] testimony shook me as he told of how he refused to let anything stop him...in fact he started the Hope in God Association for the Blind so he could reach out & help other less capable than himself. Now today 64 blind members meet together where they teach each other to read Braille Scriptures with the few resources that they possess. They only have a partial Bible. They provide basic lifestyle coping methods, but it is very difficult for the blind living in Liberia.

Don continues, "We were also moved to know they listen regularly to our Worship FM broadcasts when radio is available to them."  What a great blessing then for High Adventure to be able to provide each blind member with a Galcom solar powered fixed tuned radio!

When Ross & I visited Don & Marty in their home last May, Marty encouraged us with the report that Jan's new ladies devotional Bible radio programs & Ross’s sermons will also be aired into Liberia so these dear blind brothers and sisters will be able to hear God's Word. We pray they will also be encouraged with Jan’s real-life stories to strengthen and encourage their hearts and therefore grow their faith.  What a privilege then to know our efforts in producing our new programs will have a great impact for the Lord via the air waves many, many miles across vast oceans. Please remember to pray for our blind listeners in Liberia as well as some 6,000 relocated souls living in the Refugee Camp. High Adventure is trusting the Lord to be able to send in more Galcom radios in the near future.

Ross is also now on Haiti’s ‘Source of Faith FM’ &/or ‘Saviour FM’ stations on Thursdays, airing since June 30th, 2011 via Bible Voice! We were delighted to hear that Jan’s Ladies Devotional Programming is airing there also. What a privilege to minister to these precious hearts who have suffered such great  disasters.  Let`s remember to pray for Haiti as they struggle to rebuild.