World Map FHLM Bible Radio ProgramsAs many of you know we partner with Bible Voice Broadcasting Network where Ross's Bible messages are aired each week into Europe and surrounding areas.  

However, as we begin an additional phase of our Bible Internet & Shortwave Radio broadcast programs and also air them from our own ministry Website here on Feeding His Lambs Ministries Canada as well as Bible Voice we are delighted to report that we are seeing some new folks tuning in to listen from all different parts of the world. 

In just the last couple of days alone 3 vistors from places like Roggebaai, 2 from Claremont and 1 from Parrow, South Africa as well as another from Pakistan have visited our Website and some have listened into our broadcasts. 

Kenyan Pastor Sylvester giving forth God's Word to one of his rural ChurchesOne very dear visitor, Pastor Sylvester from Kenya, sent a heart warming email to encourage our hearts in the work of the Lord.  He reports that he and his 3 small congregations are soaking up God's Word as Ross preaches over the airwaves. They listen via shortwave radio under a tamarind tree and worship the Lord together.

Listening to Pastor Sylvester under the Tamarind trees on the Lord's Day Pastor Sylvester reports that they have elderly members who have not had the opportunity to learn to speak or read English so he and his associate pastors are lovingly translating Ross's Bible messages into the Luo language so they can all can be blessed by the Word expounded over the air waves.  They are also in great need of Bibles in the Luo language.  Let's pray together that the cry of their hearts will be answered soon.  We are deeply touched at such a labour of love and we rejoice at what God is doing in the hearts of these, our new and dear Kenyan friends.

Folks are also listening in from various places in North America and so we are gaining a few new listeners. We pray that as more folks become aware of this Website they will share it with many friends and as a result listen in to the broadcasts.

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