In spite of fierce winter gales and deep crushing snows
 The Mountain Hemlock with striking beauty still grows.  
 Its needles are as delicate as the tall Firs
 Dainty to the touch and just as soft as feathers!

 And yet, if we try to break its great bough, at length,
 We will learn that deep therein lies its might and strength.
 Though winds whip at it and the ground begins to shake
 Yes, it will bend and yield, but NO IT WILL NOT  BREAK!

Neither bitter earthly storms, no matter how fierce,
 Pull its strong roots from the ground nor its foothold pierce.
 Though its form is bent low by the heavy snow floor,
 It will straighten, proud and noble just like before!

So, if we be storm-tossed by harsh, trouble-bent winds
 We need not crumble though pressed by such disciplines;
 For our strength, The Anchor Who holds all of God's flock
 Is rooted and entwined in Christ, our Lord, our Rock!

Though afflicted in many ways but not now crushed;
 Perplexed, but not without hope, if silent or hushed;
 Persecuted, but not utterly forsaken;
 Struck down? Perhaps, but not destroyed or mistaken!

So, like the Apostle Paul, we do not lose heart, 
 And like Mountain Hemlocks, to us God's Truths impart.
 The strength of Christ's Life is ours if we but partake
 When WE must bend and yield, then…

By: Jan Howlett
   Expcerpt from Jan's Book
   The Treasure of His Company

“The Lord upholds all those who fall
and lifts up all  who are bowed down.”