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 "A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end.  You live several lives  while reading it"  :>)

William Styron,interview,Writers at Work,1958-Essence Publishers Newsletter.




Ever Hear of Hair Ice?

January 31, 2010

Hair Ice Thumnail 

What on earth is HAIR ICE? You will find this truly fascinating! 

As I thought about the intricacy and delicate nature of these particular ice formations and how every individual strand of Hair Ice (or Ribbon Ice) was formed, I couldn't help but think of God! 

As, Dr. James R. Carter, Professor Emeritus Geography-Geology Department, Illinois State University writes, the name Hair Ice is, "most appropriate describing the hair-like nature of those fine needles. Note that in this and other photos, the hairs of ice do not grow from linear fissures in a stem, but rather appear to come out of pores in the wood.  As such they are similar to hair on a head.

Another observer,Joaquim Mittendorf wrote, "Most of the numerous white branches had very thin and up to 3 cm long 'hairs'."  Plainly this is a phenomena of geology and man has given this special form of ice it's descriptive name. We know in reality it is not human hair, but is like a parable of something that is similar and only like human hair in appearance.

Hair Ice photo

These photos show the beauty of snow and ice in many of its forms, including Hair Ice, and as we view them we can't help but think of something even more amazing and wonderful... that of the human body and yes the structure of each individual human hair.  God's Word reminds us that, "we are fearfully and wonderfully made." 

God's Word also speaks about the fact that He loves us and knows all about us, down to the very numbers of hairs on our heads!  God is that intimately interested and concerned about us.  God has provided the way to bridge the gap that our sin has caused allowing us to be forever united to Him through faith in His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ who gave His life to redeem us for His own. 

We are able to have a real and living, personal relationship with Him if we will but repent and confess our sins, trusting only in Him and His gift of Eternal Life & then living for Him.

Yes, this Hair Ice is very beautiful, but how much more beautiful is the fact that God created you and loves you and that you can be transformed into the beauty of Christ eternally.  Visit this link if you would like to know more about God's remedy for sin.  Something new to think about for 2010. 

I never knew such forms of ice existed!  What a demonstration  & amazing record we see here of God's  Creation.  Each find is unique & full of wonder.  To learn more, visit  Further study on Hair Ice-amazing photos. Scroll about a 1/3 of the way down the page. Interesting information.  Enjoy.

© Copyright Dr Richard Murray and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


From Such Treasures, Flee! Poem

November 25, 2009

From Such Treasures, Flee!
Is your treasure where your heart will dwell?
A place where moth and rust cannot fell,
Destroy, crush, despite all time and stress—
Or is your hoard earning less and less?
Will it endure through Eternity?
If not, from such treasures run—yes, flee!
Better to dwell with a “heart contented”
Than with prayers, treasures circumvented.
Can you answer honestly tonight,
That your treasure is in Him, sealed tight?

Excerpt by permission:  The Treasure of His Company By Jan Howle...

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Song Birds, Not Fighter Jets! Devotional Exerpt

October 24, 2009

Front Cover of Jan's Book

Taken from The Treasure of His Company 2005

Author:  Mrs. Jan Howlett 

Publisher's Imprint:  Essence Publishers



Little Willy gladly curled up in a cozy ball on my lap, purring away contentedly. It had been a long, cold winter, but now we were both basking in the sunshine.

As earlier storm clouds drifted away, the air was warming up; yet the atmosphere was still fresh and fragrant, and that sweetness drew out many beautiful songbirds, chirping and singing their hymns of praise ...

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Bent But Not Broken Poem

October 24, 2009

In spite of fierce winter gales and deep crushing snows
 The Mountain Hemlock with striking beauty still grows.  
 Its needles are as delicate as the tall Firs
 Dainty to the touch and just as soft as feathers!

 And yet, if we try to break its great bough, at length,
 We will learn that deep therein lies its might and strength.
 Though winds whip at it and the ground begins to shake
 Yes, it will bend and yield, but NO IT WILL NOT  BREAK!

Neither bitter earthly stor...

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Thinking Outloud Famous Quote

October 24, 2009

“But though we cannot by our own act

lift ourselves out of the pit,

take hold of the hand

which offers us out of it.”

J.C. Augustus Hare,  Guesses At Truth

Taken from Flowers Along The Path, Esther Carls Dodgen,

Barbour Publishing Inc. © 2001, p. 48. Used with permission.

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