Shipment finally delivered to the Wikwemikong Indian Reserve:

photo clothing for the Wikwemikong Indian ReserveHow wonderful how things work together to bring good news and encouragement to the intended recipients.  Almost 2 years ago Grace M., a dear Solo Gal for Garments For The Gospel, donated a large shipment of hand knitted and crocheted afghans and sweaters and some beautiful summer outfits for the children with the hopes they might make their way onto a Canadian Indian Reserve.

Several attempts failed for various reasons, whether emails failed or the charity had a death.  We were just about to redirect these lovely gifts when we received a response from Shirley Hamilton of DayStar and the Wikwemikong Indian Reserve with the great news that if we could arrange delivery by notifying their contacts in Beaverton they would be so grateful for these much needed items.  And so the arrangements were in full swing.

Two generous ladies, Carolyn and Elaine would be glad to deliver GFTG to Manitoulin Island in the Spring.  As of April 19, 2010 this precious shipment was received by DayStar!  We hope to have some photos in the futue of the children receiving their love gifts, and when we have them we will share them here on our website. We also included 4 of our "Bears With Heart" as an extra gift and will try to send more when we have a new supply.

So thanks to everyone who prayed over this project.  And so we can praise the Lord together.