"The Modern Day 3 Little Bears?"

3 Teddy Bears With Heart-gifts from GFTG-Texas Solo Gal ChapterWe all know the popular children's story, Goldilocks & The 3 Bears, but what about the Teddy Bear's Picnic?  Although the music was originally composed by J.W. Bratton in 1907, the lyrics were published later in 1932 by Irish born Jimmy Kennedy.

As the story goes, if anyone is considering going into the woods on this particular day of the year then they better go in disguise.  Why? Because the bears gather every year for their amazing Teddy Bear Picnic where everyone has a wonderful time together playing games, like hide and seek, enjoying delicious food and a day when they have no cares at all.  The day ends with their loving parents coming at 6:00 o'clock to take these happy, but very weary bears home to bed.  It's a happy tune that paints pictures of happiness, safety, and joyful carefree celebrations for children.

Children's church in MexicoWhen I saw the above photograph of a large group of young children having a marvelous time together with missionaries and visiting team member, Al Solberg, who was assisting in leading them in a summer program where everyone is enjoying the day together playing games with tasty food and not a care in the world for the day: and not just for a day, but the whole week!

This modern day 'Teddy Bears Picnic' is made even more satisfying knowing that these children are receiving the Good News of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and memorizing precious Scriptures to help them when they return to the outside world that is sure to bring them cares and concerns.

The 3 little bears in the photograph, sewn by our GFTG Chapter Solo Gal in Texas, Mrs. Ruth Ball, will now become the reward for 3 children at the end of the week for those who memorize the most Scriptures. Let's remember these dear little souls in our prayers and trust they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour very soon and know His peace and great Love.