Hi All Artist Hearts,
Today I thought we could focus on 3 individual cropped portions of our Trading Post painting.  Some of these areas were completed before I ran into eye trouble and thankfully the detail work was done. A lot has been accomplished including the intricate detailing of the Kale flower itself.  It took many hours layering in the rich colors, creating shadows and crisp edges.  There are many leaves with many gradual shadings that give them their brilliance and transparency.

The crop for the bowl of the Antique Cream Separator took some careful thought and planning in order to get the rusted areas to look pitted with a sense of depth and even  dusty look.  I used a deep staining color lightly dotted onto the paper and quickly dabbing the excess off, varying the color choices along the way.  When I was satisfied with the pitted look I then painted in several washes of the yellow oranges suggesting the rust was being hit by sunlight as well.

The body of the Cream Separator has been worked on for some length of time and after many layers needed to create the allusion of hard metal I was fairly pleased with the results.  I love the shaft of light falling across the rounded form that in turn supplies the perfect place for a sweet family of two little Purple Finches to rest on.  I think they were seriously considering the bowl for a nest!

I have also added in the textured golden wood grain doors that lead into this lovely family market place known to many in this area of the country as the Trading Post.

Next post we will put it all together and reveal the painting as a whole, ready to be matted and framed.

In the meantime I will be thinking about our next project and perhaps it will include a Spring flowering tree limb to help bring some relief from all the deep cold and very snowy days everyone has been coping with lately.  Many are beginning to long for warmer weather and the renewal of Spring.  So maybe the next series with hasten it's arrival. What do you think? :>)

Until next time, keep painting what you love and touch many hearts with your work.