Hi All Artists Hearts,
After a very long delay in posting here is the reveal everyone has been waiting for so patiently.  It has been a roller coaster these last few months, in and out of hospital, but I have a breather at the moment.  I just wanted to complete our series before other medical needs arise calling for my time and attention.  It is fun to see all the individual parts of this painting finally come together as a whole, enabling us to enjoy the full story knowing what has gone before.  Ta Dah!! This was a wonderful challenge with many twists and turns. I so loved working out the detail of not only the
 The Trading Post Watercolor by Jan Howlett
Christ gives “beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” Is. 61:3

frills and veins on the Kale, but the garden stones with their varied angled planes and shadows as well as the textures of rust, hinges, and shine on the antique metal Creamer.  It was great to try my hand at garden soil with tiny gritty pebbles and sand. The need for several major corrections proved concerning, but definitely became a very valuable learning time.

If I were to do this painting again I would not include the pink flowers behind the Kale plant, although in my photograph that day they looked great. I would keep the flower pot for sure, (loved painting the clay pot) but, perhaps I would just fill it with leaves that didn't call for any attention. In this piece I decided to dull their color and put them further back into the shadows to fix that concern.

The longer we paint the more we know that we never stop learning.  This practical learning widens our creative process, increases our technical technique and ultimately leads to better paintings that communicate our story with greater visual information. Taking the needed time to learn the skill of how to carefully translate those interesting textures that actually help to create emotional content into our story with veils of paint will make the difference between an OK painting and a wonderful painting!  Love to learn and be inspired by it all.

I'm not sure yet as to what our next series will be about, but I'm working on a couple of ideas.  It will need to be something a little more manageable to accommodate my ongoing health issues.  I love sharing with you all so I will do my best to make it interesting. Stay tuned and please share with your friends.  Feel free to invite them to join us in our painting journey together.  If you have questions please drop me a line using our Contact Us Form from the Navigation list. 

Until next time keep painting what you love and always keep learning.
Blessings, Jan.