HI All Artists Hearts,
Sorry for the bit of a delay in posting this stage 2.  We were able to stay a little longer at a trailer for an extended, much needed, rest and only just got back 4 days ago.  If all goes well though, I will be able to post on time this month and so you will not have an extra long wait for stage 4 since I was able to do some painting while away.

As you can see I have made significant progress on the Cream Separator with the under-washes on the main body as well as a darker layer over the legs. I have almost competed the attached cream bowl itself in the muted grey.

I did have some difficulty in the rounded part of the small bowl in the drawing itself, but didn't realize just how much I would need to reduce the size of the right hand side of it.  When I started painting in the color I was horrified to see that  it looked like it was leaning too far to the right and drawing the eye out of the picture frame.

(The Cream Separator was actually on a slight lean in the garden that day which I rather liked as it added interest, but in order to catch the depth of the warm late afternoon sun effect on the metal and the Kale the lean became exaggerated with my camera angle.  It wasn't as apparent until I started adding the color. A lesson to remember for sure!) 

I just couldn't leave it like that, so I took a risk and began to gently but firmly scrub away the unwanted paint.  It was a major undertaking not to destroy the paper in the process.  At times I feared I would have to scrap the whole piece and re-start the entire piece by redrawing the sketch. But I kept at it and after some work I was successful in rescuing the paper and able to resize the bowl as well as smooth out the scrubbed portion of the paper and left it to dry thoroughly.

Once bone dry I was able to lay in a thin layer of New Gamboge  and to my delight and relief it accepted the color beautifully.  (If you magnify your screen by pressing Control + keys together you will see the scrubbed area before the new paint layer was added. You will see it develop next posts.)  There was a lot of deep blue cast as this appliance was out in the full sun the day I photographed it, thus the use of Prussian blue  and Thalo Blue in the under wash.

I used my various scrubby brushes as well as Mr. Clean plain cleaning pad.  I had to be VERY gentle or I would have really distressed the surface of my paper.  So it was a learning challenge, but a successful job.

Next time I will have a great deal more of the painting completed for you, especially the Creamer Separator with several layers describing the smooth metal structure.  Until then keep painting and learning your craft.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!