Hello All Artist Hearts,
This post is long overdue and I apologize, but sometimes life spins in a totally different direction and the best of plans are thwarted and must be re-scheduled.  That has included my time at the easel.

However, I am almost ready to start painting in a butterfly known as Paula's Clear-Wing Butterfly (also called the Glass-wing Butterfly) from the Ithomiidae Family in the order of Lepidoptera.

So, I thought you might find some of my study notes interesting and help you understand the uniqueness of this beautiful and amazing insect and why I chose this species.

Although many butterfly species are recognizable by their intricately patterned and brilliantly colored wings, clear-wing and glass-wing butterflies have nearly transparent wings.  

Found in the tropical forests of Central and South America, a number of clear-wing butterfly species have highly transparent wings with smaller, sparser scales than other butterflies. These insects have denser scales toward the wingtips, and the veins and terminal borders of the wings contain pigmentation, but the larger surface of the wings is nearly invisible resulting in a clear or semi-translucent appearance, which aids in concealment from predators.

In addition to the camouflaging qualities of their wings, clear-wing and glass-wing butterflies also deter predators by taste. These insects feed from alkaloid-containing flowers, which makes them unpalatable to birds and other predators. For this reason, glass-wing caterpillars also feed exclusively on nightshade.

Another interesting bit of information was that butterflies in general are lighter than a piece of paper and only weigh as much as 2 rose petals!

These ethereal and delicate tropical forest butterflies are often lured out of their seclusion by the chemicals found in dried Heliotropes. Their wings lack the usual dense covering of scales that give other butterflies their distinct coloration. This transparency renders these clear-wing butterflies elusive as they appear and disappear in the dense forest undergrowth.

After observing these butterflies,
it is easy to see how numerous butterfly wings adorn the backs of fairies in many children's fairy tales.  But more amazing is the fact of God blessing us with such beauty and delightful creations to enjoy. The wonder of such intricate detail and beauty is a bright spot in a sometimes dreary and burden-filled day.  I wanted to include this lovely flying jewel in The Last Rose of Summer to complete the story of life in this secluded garden.

In my painting this beautiful Rose was in it's last stages of life as the colder weather was approaching and already starting to wither it's leaves, yet we can see there is yet new life on the edge of this flower, the Glass-wing Butterfly.  A sign of new hope and joy!

Hopefully, I will get a good start at painting in this wonderful little butterfly soon.  Until next time keep inspired and always learning your craft. Have a wonderful day.