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Possible New Art Series

Posted by Jan Howlett on Sunday, February 17, 2013, In : Odds n Ends 
Hi All Artist Hearts,
I am getting closer to announcing our new Art Series, so stay tuned.  It is still a very slow recovery for me and thus the slight delay in getting the new post done, but I have been slowly working on a new composition. 

Now things may change, but a hint might involve the tropics and little creatures that tickle the color spectrum.  Another hint, "you have such big eyes... all the better to see you with my dear!"   :>)  Curious?  Me too!   Until next time... shortly... sta...
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Home Sweet Home No. 7 Final

Posted by Jan Howlett on Tuesday, December 18, 2012, In : Home Sweet Home 

Hi All Artists Hearts,

This is an extra post script to finalize the "Home Sweet Home" Watercolor series.  Somehow I lost the photo showing this painting in it's oval frame as it was presented to my dear Mom on her 90th Birthday this past May.  I realized after I posted the last segment that I had hit the publish button before I had actually completed the write up and located this composite photo of the finished piece.  So let's try again.

This was a sweet and delightful little painting that gav...

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Home Sweet Home No. 6

Posted by Jan Howlett on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, In : Home Sweet Home 
Watercolor by Jan Howlett titled Home Sweet Home Hi All Artists Hearts,
We're back temporarily for this promised Christmas post of "Home Sweet Home". Thanks for your patience.  I almost managed to post this near the expected date.  My recovery from my surgery is slow and still quite painful, but I am at least well enough to start back to painting again.  How glad I am for the wonderful diversion of painting.  I sure do miss it when I can't be at the easel. 

Home Sweet Home is finally completed in this series and many of the loose ends and ...

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Home Sweet Home No. 5

Posted by Jan Howlett on Sunday, October 28, 2012, In : Home Sweet Home 
Hi All Artists Hearts,
We can't believe it is November or that a few flurries and light frost have visited us a few times already.  But we are cozy inside and enjoying the ability to fire up our paint brushes and continue our series. 

Home Sweet Home Stage 5 Watercolor by Jan HowlettWe have many more washes applied now and I'm delighted with the blend of colors that are bringing so much more life to this vignette.  The most noticeable progress is seen in the early stages of my filling in the background summer sky at the top of the painting a...
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Carols Rose No. 3

Posted by Jan Howlett on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, In : Carols Rose 

Carols Rose Stage 3 Watercolor by Jan HowlettHi All Artists Hearts,
Carol's Rose is progressing nicely and we are now on Stage 3.  I have used Alizarin Crimson washed over both the Indian Yellow or Aureolin layers in some places, and pale washes of Purple Magenta over a few other areas. Both yellows still shine through the petals and reads as bathed and illumined by the sun.  At this point the mood does not reveal the storm and rain on the way: That will come later.

This beautifully shaped rose lends itself to use lovely soft blends and w...

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