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The Trading Post No. 4

Posted by Jan Howlett on Sunday, November 2, 2014, In : The Trading Post 
 Hi All Artist Hearts,
Time for an update on the Trading Post Kale garden. 

Watercolor The Trading Post Stage 4 by Jan Howlett
As you can see the painting has progressed with many more layers of rich color and detail, not only in the planting soil in front of the Kale and the earth in between the garden stones, but also inside the edges of the Kale leaves and parts of the antique Creamer Separator.  

The blue reflection of both sky and the blue Kale is quite prominent at this point, but will be toned down considerably as the Creamer is closer...

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The Trading Post No. 3

Posted by Jan Howlett on Monday, October 6, 2014, In : The Trading Post 
HI All Artists Hearts,
Sorry for the bit of a delay in posting this stage 2.  We were able to stay a little longer at a trailer for an extended, much needed, rest and only just got back 4 days ago.  If all goes well though, I will be able to post on time this month and so you will not have an extra long wait for stage 4 since I was able to do some painting while away.

As you can see I have made significant progress on the Cream Separator with the under-washes on the main body as well as a darke...

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The Trading Post No. 2

Posted by Jan Howlett on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, In : The Trading Post 
Hi All Artists Hearts,
In this second stage of 'The Trading Post' we will share a bit later about this unique and charming country store, but first let's get started with the beginning washes of color for the leaves, store doors, a bit of the flower pot rim and dark soil in-between the stones.

The Trading Post Watercolor by Jan Howlett May 2014

The starting point on this complex sketch was fairly daunting so I chose the more simple and obvious larger leaves of the Kale to begin my first few under washes to help me get my bearings. Start simple ...

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