Hi All Artist Hearts,
Well the cat is out of the bag... Did you figure out the subject from the clue I left you?  "What big eyes you have. All the better to see you with my dear."  We are talking about some amazingly colored tree frogs from the tropics and North America.  In particular I am referring to the Red-eyed Tree Frog and the Green Tree Frog. I have also included a common little garden frog to add interest and contrast.  At last I now have a working sketch as you will see below. The background is just in rough form at the moment, but you can see clearly the tree frogs and the story line in  the composition taking shape. 

My working title at the moment will be "Harmonizing Down by The Pond".  It has been interesting to research these cute little friends.  These tree frogs are NOT poisonous and are very docile in nature.  This is where they gather at night to hunt and sing.  They live mostly high up in the trees, but do venture closer to the water at times as well as at their mating season where they eventually lay their eggs.  They breathe through their skin, so it is imperative that they be near water and keep moist at all times.

It will be fun to see these little creatures develop and reveal their glorious colors. I will share some more Tree Frog facts as I go along.  In the meantime please enjoy and share the new series with your friends.  Once I have the sketch fully completed I will start laying in the first layers and veils of color.  I can hardly wait to get started.  Until next time keep painting what you love and stay inspired.