Hi All Artists Hearts,
While I had hoped to start my new Watercolor series called, "The Last Rose of Summer", I have been delayed while waiting for permission to use a particular photograph that will make up the main composition.  However, I have some new and exceptionally helpful information that might help to pass the time until I can start the new series.

I was going over some artist promotional trailers and discovered a new, simple erasing tool that works beautifully on Watercolor paintings.  I have experimented with it for a few days and have been truly impressed with it's capabilities to erase even the hardest and stubborn of staining pigments. 

Some very dark green paint from my background had accidently migrated over onto one of my delicate very pale pink petals of a rose I was working on.  I had already tried to gently scrub out the stubborn color, but could not completely erase the stain.   I was very disappointed, but thought I would let it dry and then try again in the future to eradicate the unwanted color.

I had often heard of this kitchen product in the past, but always with negative reports and therefore I dismissed it from my mind and my shopping list for years.  I never thought to investigate and go directly to the company for real answers.   Then as I watched this well known artist explain the same scenario as I had entertained and completely dispell the misinformation I became excited as to the potential of this simple little item.

What item may that be you wonder?
It is Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser Original! ....

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Photo

NOT the one with the added soap... the plain sponge blue and white package.  I would NOT recomend the Extra Power sponge as it would be too tough on your delicate art paper... this one is the regular blue labeled box and appears to be just the perfect strength for my art paper... Arche's 140 lb. HOT-PRESS archival paper. 

I have found that I really don't need the sponge to be overly wet .... just lightly damp will do the trick.  The water activates the fine micro particles of the sponge itself and in turn removes any stubborn stains almost back to the white of the paper, if needed.  Be sure to press LIGHTLY or you will damage the surface of your art paper. It will skim off a very miniscule bit off the surface much like a scrubby brush or ink eraser would do, but not enough to damage the paper.  (It may take a little heavier hand at scrubbing on say the COLD PRESS paper, but I would recomend testing it first.)

Be sure to allow the paper to dry completely before attempting to paint over the corrected area.  You may wish to create a mask over the area to be adjusted using either masking tape, FrogTape - yellow version (link to see DEMO on Tidbits page), acetate cut out or erasing shield with various cut out shapes to give you crisper edges.   Have fun experimenting with this new handy tool and give Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser a chance, knowing there are no chemicals or harsh cleaners in the sponge... It is in fact the micro fibres of the sponge that work for you, just as specialty clothes such as Ultimate cloths do.  Enjoy and see you soon, hopefully with the good news that the "Last Rose of Summer" series can begin.  

Let me know if you have used this product as a tool in your painting and the results you may have had with it.  Until then happy painting and erasing!
Blessings, Jan.