Pencil Sketch-The Last Rose of Summer by Jan HowlettHi All Artist Hearts,
Sorry for the long delay in posting the promised sketch for "The Last Rose of Summer."  We left for a painting vacation September 7th, but I accidentally came away without the photo of the sketch... however, I have continued to make progress with the painting.  We had to slip home to care for the lawns and do some errands which gave me the perfect opportunity to pick up the sketch.   So here it is at last.  Enjoy.

This will be a short update this time, but I will be posting the first painted layers in a week when I am back in my little studio, if not sooner.  It has been a rather special challenge working with deep purples and the lighting found in Tony's wonderful photographic capture. 

I have not been able to paint as much as I had hoped the past 2 weeks since I injured both arms and my back by a bad fall while trying to photograph Canada Geese from a newly installed, but very tipsy slanted running board leading to a very unstable floating dock where my hubby Ross and I like to read or do a bit of fishing... mostly I love to sit by the river, hear the water lapping on shore,  read or capture wildlife with my camera.  The old stable dock we loved so much had been removed since we were here last June and so now I have to find a new perch from which to photograph all the many interesting sights. My arms are healing up at last enabling me to paint once more. 

We have also been continuing to work on the footage for some of the garden highlights that will accompany my new Art DVD which is in progress at this time as well.  We have had some very cold night temperatures and so some of the roses are beginning to show signs of frost bite.  Hard to think that summer has come and gone so quickly!  It is a slow process and a deep learning curve, but a rewarding one that I think Rose lovers will find most enjoyable.  Until next time, keep inspired and painting what you love.