Watercolor The Last Rose of Summer by Jan Howlett-Stage 3 Hi All Artist Hearts,
Today and for the next few posts we will concentrate on the additions of the first new pigmented washes on the rose petals.  And because we were careful to lay in the yellow under washes you will be able to clearly see in this close-up the yellows glowing through the petals

TIP:(If you press your Control key with your + key you will be able to enlarge the close-up and see the glow - to return your window to normal size just click the Control key plus your minus [-] key)

As I progressed with individual leaves I also enriched the applications of the yellows, darkening many of the surfaces and veins in order to ready each leaf for a deeper perspective as well as for shadow areas for when I start adding their local colors.

Purple is a deep rich staining color and I needed to be careful to leave soft blended areas where the yellow under washes were laid in to avoid muddying the purple hue as well as allowing each veil of color to become bone dry to avoid dulling the glow I had work hard to preserve.

Where the area would be in shadow I added its complimentary warm color of yellow and where the areas would be in sunlight I used a cooler yellow.   Some areas on the petals needed a lively soft pink and or a touch of Alizarin Crimson to maintain the tones I could see in my resource photograph. I was careful to vary my hues and include both hard and soft edges for variety. Those edges are one of the ways to describe these beautiful roses and keep them delicate and shapely that are so typical of such roses.

Until next time keep inspired and your brushes busy creating pictures you enjoy.