Watercolor by Jan Howlett-'Last Rose of Summer' Stage 2Hi All Artists Hearts,
Finally we have the first washes and veils of painted color ready for this post using warm and cool yellows as our base under-painting map.  I used Arulean Yellow for my cool color and Translucent Orange for my warm yellow.

This prepares the leaves for when I begin to paint in the various values of green pigment needed to describe the surfaces of the rose leaves whether in sunlight or shadow.  Because you take the time to lay in this yellow map the yellows will glow beautifully up through the greens to the surface of the paper.  With this foundation carefully laid in it will help to build realistic folds, veins and shapes in each leaf.

When it comes time to begin painting in the greens, remember to use cool and warm greens as well to capture both the areas of leaves sitting in the sunlight and the leaves resting in the shadows.

In this composition many of the leaves are actually in deep shadow, some are peaking out of the dark shadows while others extend right out into the sunlight as will the rose itself.  It is our purpose to describe the leaves in such a way as to cause the rose to appear as hit by a shaft of sunlight and therefore draw our eye right into it's focus. The shadows will act as our artistic foil and make our rose the main subject of a dramatic garden scene.

In our next post we will see the local color of the large bloom beginning to take shape.  Until then keep inspired and painting subjects you love.  The subjects that you love and that inspire you will in turn inspire others and bring joy to many artist hearts.  Until then,