Watercolor-Sue's Begonia Stage 8Hello Artists Hearts,
Another cool, windy Fall day that just cries out for us to find a cozy spot by fire to read or equally as inviting to get out our paintbrushes and settle in for an afternoon of blissful creative painting!   Well here is the next installment of "Sue's Glorious Begonia."  The many layers are starting to pay off richly, bringing forth the depth of shadows and highlights even more so than in earlier stages. 

I will soon be able to start laying the washes in on the large veined leaves of the Begonia.  It will be a challenge to create the look of deep veins and velvety textures that define a typical Begonia leaf.  So that will be the next posting... so watch for it soon, maybe even later this afternoon.
Enjoy, and keep those brushes wet!   Have a great day and a wonderful Fall Season.
Blessings,  Jan.