Watercolor Sue's Begonia-stage 7  P.S.  Artist's Hearts,
Just another update to let you know in advance that we will be posting a special link very soon for you to see the complete Slide Show including  many stages not included in these present postings of Sue's Glorious Begonia, from pencil sketch right through to full completion with mats, verse and frame. 

It always amazes me to see a blank canvas transformed before my eyes!  Indeed, it's a wonderful moment in the whole process when the excitement begins to grow and bloom with the kind of awe that bubbles up in your heart as you look back and see what God has allowed us to see with artist eyes and to then have the joy of creating  something that has the potential of blessing and ministering to other hearts of like mind as they too are drawn into our subject matter.    

I hope seeing this one dimensional sketch grow into a 3 dimensional floral composition will encourage you to keep painting and not give up on a piece that may at times be giving you trouble, but yet a subject that still continues to inspire you.  Not only am I, but also my friend Sue, is so glad that I didn't give up on this watercolor piece. So I hope you will enjoy the Slide Show  and "Sue's Glorious Begonia" as much as I did in painting it and recording it for you all.  Watch for the new link shortly.  
Please let us know how you like it.
Stay inspired and happy painting everyone!