Watercolor Sue's Begonia light layers 6aWatercolor Sue's Begonia with darker layers 6b 
Hello Artist Hearts-I'm back!
I have just returned from a short painting vacation so I could concentrate fully on completing "Sue's Glorious Begonia.'  I know it takes patience and loyalty to wait for the final reward that comes with the completed composition.  But, we are now able to update this blog project on a regular basis.  Thanks for your patience and for returning to visit.  Hope you are pleased with the results. 

This installment shows many more layers of color applied to reveal some special nuances using mixes of the colors already listed in earlier posts. I have only added one other new color: translucent purple to my Alizarin Crimson mixtures.  I've also included the next photo showing deeper layers applied and the gaining of sharpening up of all the edges.
Just a note for your encouragement.  Don't be alarmed if you get to a stage in your painting where you think you have completely lost the piece to either a poor color choice or wrongly applied technique.  I often experience moments where I believe I will have to give it up as a write off.  But, many times if I leave the painting to become bone dry it also affords time to see the piece with fresh eyes.  As a result I can see my way clear on how to rescue the painting.  

Sometimes it only takes a new perspective and time to see that a new color mix will bring it back to life.  Perhaps an added element will re-establish the central focus and you will be off to the races again with fresh vigor!   So don't give up too easily. Not until you have given it your all and exhausted all possible remedies.

Until the next installment,
Happy Painting everyone!