Watercolor Sue's Begonia-Stage 5  Greetings all Artists Hearts,
I've finally found time to construct and load in the next installment of Sue's Begonia Watercolor in process.  There are several new layers or veils of color applied now and the impact and depth is quite noticeable.   It's a long process to bring our original one dimensional sketch into becoming a 3 dimensional painting.  A long way to go to accomplish the finished floral, but indeed a joy to do.

So far I've incorporated some new colors: Sap Green, Lemon Yellow, Indian yellow, and a mixture of Alizarin Crimson with Rose Madder with a touch of Van Dyke Brown.  Many of the edges of the petals on these large Begonia blossoms are quite frilly and we have tried to capture that effect as well.  Until the next installment, Happy Painting.