Hello again all Artists Hearts,
I was delayed somewhat in posting this third installment of 'Easel Notes,' but here we go.   Since gathering the swatches and color thumbnails I have worked further on fine tuning the pencil sketch for Sue's Begonia and it is now safely transferred onto 140 lb. Arches Hot Press art paper and mounted securely onto my Gator foam board ready to receive the first initial veils of foundation washes.

These first glazes will set the under tone and value properties for me.  They in turn will eventually help me to choose color mixes which will naturally assist my decisions for washes needed for any future layers in order to bring out the vibrant contrasts needed to make this beautiful bloom pop.

I will post a new photo to bring you up-to-date on how the first pale layers will look so that when we reach the deeper contrast stages later you will see the progression of the piece clearly and enjoy the excitement in seeing the bloom begin to take on shape and form, depth and a new realistic appearance; Transforming our flat, rather lifeless sketch into a 3 dimensional flower with a life all its own.

Keep watching for the next installment.  Until then happy painting!