Hello Artist Hearts,  The process continues...

Photo-Sue's Drape & Rug sampleAs promised the samples for the Begonia composition have arrived.  In this photo you can see the beautiful filtered light shining through the sheer drapery with a touch of the burgundy color from the rug reflected into the mix as well.  I have determined that the lit portion inside this oval would be the perfect color mix for the small buds.  The sunlight showing through its transparent petals will have a glowing effect.  An excellent illustration of the value of samples and resource items provided by a client.


Photo-Color Mix Swatch SampleFrom here I go directly into the actual mixing of the watercolors by testing them on our thumbnail sketch to see how they will look when applied to the flowers. 

I have 3 variations to work with and from those 3 I can create tones and lovely greys to use in the shadows or highlights.

Watch for the next installment coming soon.  Things are a little hectic right now, but I will keep working on the various stages behind the scenes.  Keep painting and enjoy the creative process.