Watercolor-Sue's Glorious Begonia 
Hi All Artist Hearts,  Well here's the final post for Sue's Glorious Begonia Watercolor.  The process is complete!  After carefully choosing the mats and assembling and mounting the artwork I added the final touch by placing the authentication Label that included the following background write-up.

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"Tuberous Begonias originated as rainforest plants in South America where they are now considered endangered in the wild. The name 'begonia' was given to this genus to honour Michel Begon (1638-1710), an amateur French botanist who collected begonias from Santo Domingo while stationed there with the French navy. Tuberous begonias were discovered later by an Englishman, Richard Pearce, in 1864.

Although very expensive, it is hard to imagine that these gorgeous flowers, often compared to roses and carnations, grow out of an ugly humble tuber that looks like a shriveled, shrunken dirty potato.

However, the tuberous begonia is one of those wondrous little things where exotic swirls and miraculous blooms in vivid colors appear before your very eyes. From tight, nearly bean-shaped initial buds emerge stunning blossoms of surprising size and complexity.

As with all beauty that’s breathtaking, begonias are fragile creatures and need careful attention to flourish and maintain their full potential for glory.

So it is with the Christian's life and what better caretaker than our Great Gardener and Creator, Jesus Christ? We flourish and grow into our full glory when we have the Lord Jesus as our all and all. We too are prone to weakness, spiritual root rot and the disease of sin and death, but He feeds and nourishes our soul as He transforms us with ever-increasing glory into His likeness (2Cor 3:18 NIV).  No wonder we can say with full hearts, "I have set the Lord always before me..." Ps. 18:6.  What a wonderful Saviour we love and serve!"

So with its completion we had the privilege of presenting the finished artwork to Sue, its new owner, on her birthday!  As we unveiled the painting, the words "Oh, I love it!", the very words in fact that every artist thoroughly enjoys and loves to hear, became the perfect crowning to the labour of love savoured over the past 6 months and which now had brought us toward this very moment. 

What a thrill to witness the joy and deep appreciation for what had been especially created with the recipient's wishes in mind and now fulfilled.  All praise to the Lord for making it all possible.  Although it was hard for me as the artist to part with this painting, nonetheless what made it easier to release was the knowledge that the one to whom it was now going loved it as much as I did!   

Indeed, it was my great joy to paint "Sue's Glorious Begonia."  Now the need and passion of my own artist's heart is to start a new painting which in turn inspires me afresh to continue on creating only works that will glorify my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I hope it will be your passion as well.  Have a great day and keep being inspired by God's great Creation.  

Keep watching.  I will be starting a new composition soon.  Until then happy painting!
Blessings, Jan