Watercolor-Sue's Begonia Stage #10  
Good day all Artists Hearts.   
Well, we are nearing the final post on this intricate painting before we begin a new one.  Many details have been added and completed while others are still in process. You will notice that one sprig of blue flowers has been transformed into a small leaf near the top center of the composition. 

In fact, now the veins have been greatly emphasized to reveal the characteristic deep veining trait commonly known to the Begonia family. The addition of the darker shadows into areas of the larger leaves helps parts of them that are close to each bloom to come forward and other parts to recede softly into the darker areas of the shadows themselves. Not only do these shadows add dimension and perspective, but also heightens the storyline we are creating within this painting. 

I've brightened the lighter green areas as well where the the sun light falls over the leaves.  I will continue to add more of the fine-tuning details shortly which will ultimately help make this painting go from simply a nice or lovely piece to a heart moving and satisfying painting.
The final post will be up soon.   Until then keep inspired and honing your talents.
Blessings, Jan.