Original Pencil Sketch for Sue's Begonia Watercolor Hello fellow Artist Hearts,
 As you may have noticed our last entry  posted  for "Tidbits for The   Artist Heart web page" included my first pencil sketch of Sue's Begonia composition as seen here in the above thumbnail.

Since then Sue provided me with a sample piece of her burgundy rug and a swatch of wallpaper to assist in color matching to compliment her decor.  She also provided me with a lovely photograph of the sun softly filtering through her sheers giving us a wonderful snapshot of the light illuminated with reflective light bouncing a touch of the rug color into the sheers. 

This became instant inspiration to know just how the Begonia buds should look to show contrast and enhance the rest of the composition!  After a few more searching details to gain insight as to the surroundings in which this painting would dwell, I was able to start the finishing touches on mixing samples of watercolor needed for each bloom and placed them along with a few observations on my test cards for later reference. 

I then continued to work on my small thumbnail sketches: one for the buds and one for the larger bloom to test the watercolor mixes to get a visual of the overall effect.  Working out the problems ahead of time before I even consider touching paint to paper for me is very important. 

I think one of the hardest times for me begins right at this point when my excitement begins to grow and with it my impatience to get started with the fun part of actually starting the painting!   Sometimes the excitement grows too strong too fast and it's then that I need to practice discipline for my heart to keep my emotions in tact, not rushing ahead before I have the working knowledge and a stable confidence to touch the real sketch itself.  But this is a process I need to respect so I will be thoroughly prepared to truly express my heart into this painting and save myself a lot of unnecessary grief or the wasting of valuable supplies or time.  Soon I will be able to post an updated photo of the first layers and veils of color seen in the thumbnails.   

Stay tuned for the next update from "Jan's Easel Notes" on this lovely Begonia known for now anyway as "Sue's Glorious Garden!"  Happy painting everyone!