Hello All Artists Hearts,
I am excited and happy to announce we received full permission today from Tony Weatherman (better known as "Grandpa Britches") of Nebraska Fine Art Photography to use his amazing purple rose photograph as the basis of composition for our new painting series called, "The Last Rose of Summer!" 

He was so very kind in extending and granting his approval and so we look forward to sharing each new creative stage with you as I paint it.

Tony is an Internationally published fine art photographer with 45 years of photography experience, as well as a Member of the Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway committee, Artist of the Month Nebraska Loess Hills RC & D, Community Development. 

We are indeed privileged to be able to have the pleasure of painting this lovely rose.  We have many areas of interest that will develop from within this composition and we hope to focus on them as we go along.  Until next time, happy painting.