Hi All Artists Hearts,

This is an extra post script to finalize the "Home Sweet Home" Watercolor series.  Somehow I lost the photo showing this painting in it's oval frame as it was presented to my dear Mom on her 90th Birthday this past May.  I realized after I posted the last segment that I had hit the publish button before I had actually completed the write up and located this composite photo of the finished piece.  So let's try again.

This was a sweet and delightful little painting that gave me great joy to paint especially since it was for a special presentation for my dear Mom.  I wanted it to be cheery and lighthearted, and a even a bit whimsical.  I believe it is just that.  Some of the facets of this piece certainly helped to express those characteristics.  From the oval format and frame, the floral vine growing around the driftwood up to the bird house, the whimsical fencing along with the little blue butterflies, including the resident lady bug  all contribute to "whimsy" in this little painting that describes Finch's home in this enchanted garden where he dwells.  

The soft pretty colors I chose also add to this dream-like view as the sun rays filter through the garden leading the viewer's eye directly to our primary focal point, the Purple Finch.  It was great fun to create and paint the wood grain on the birdhouse as well along with it's driftwood supports. 

It was simply a joy to paint and imagine life in this lovely, peaceful sun-lit garden filled with beautiful flowers and inviting creatures who share Finch's everyday life.  No wonder it was so easy to title it "Home Sweet Home!" 

I trust you have enjoyed this series and will visit again soon as we look forward to a brand new series yet to be titled.  It may well be a spin off of this series or something entirely new.  So until next time.... stay tuned and watch for the announcement and start date, hopefully, if health permits, in early January 2013. 

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season as we celebrate the birth of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who deserves all our love and worship, even as the shepherds did so many years ago on that starry night.  God has provided the Gift of Salvation through his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ...the best gift of all this Christmas is Christ!

"Home Sweet Home" shares this word from Psalm. 84:1  "How lovely is Your dwelling place O Lord."  "Thank you Lord Jesus for loving us so unconditionally and for providing a bridge by Your finished work on Calvary's Cross to bring us back to Yourself, offering us forgiveness for all sin so we can start fresh and live for You each day."  God offers us Eternal life as a free Gift.  All we have to do is accept the Gift and Giver of that Gift into our hearts.  What better way to celebrate Christmas this year then to give the Lord our whole heart and then serve the Him with great joy.

Thanks again for your loyalty and for joining in with us every few weeks this past year as we have journeyed through these various Watercolor series together.  It's been great fun.  As always stay inspired and paint what you love and let's give God all the glory.  Merry Christmas and have a blessed and fruitful New Year in 2013!