Hi All Artists Hearts,
We can't believe it is November or that a few flurries and light frost have visited us a few times already.  But we are cozy inside and enjoying the ability to fire up our paint brushes and continue our series. 

Home Sweet Home Stage 5 Watercolor by Jan HowlettWe have many more washes applied now and I'm delighted with the blend of colors that are bringing so much more life to this vignette.  The most noticeable progress is seen in the early stages of my filling in the background summer sky at the top of the painting and the upper left and right sides of the grayish green forest sections suggesting a middle ground leaf coverage as well as the foundation for some of the shadows and texture to come.

The technique is wet in wet in the first few passages. After they have thoroughly dried I have begun to use wet on dry scumbling passes as I begin to bring in the closer, brighter greens and leafy suggestions. 

The summer sky has several washes using the transparent and lovely cerulean blue as well as touches of cobalt blue suggesting a lovely refreshing temperature.

Other detailed touches may not be as noticeable on the leaves of the flowers, sunlit or shadowed leaves or even the roses themselves, but they are indeed progressing well now.

Our next post will bring many of these little changes together and the final rays of sunshine filtering through the forest garden will help to lead the eye to finally come to rest and focus on our sweet little Purple Finch.  But I am jumping ahead a bit. 

Hopefully, the next post will be on time, however I am headed off to major surgery October 30th that comes with a long recovery time, but we will do our best to post it at it's usual time.  So until next time, keep painting and stay inspired with all God's beauty that you see around you. The Lord has given us so much to see so try not to miss any of the joy or pleasure His creation provides. And then take a moment to thank Him for such blessings.  It may just be a perky little Purple Finch on your back fence.  Happy painting!