Finchs Garden Stage 3 Watercolor by Jan Howlett
 Hi All Artists Hearts,
Things have progressed to where some color washes have now been introduced on the roses, leaves and 1 butterfly.

I always love it when I can start this part of the process.  Mixing  color is such fun and the anticipation of bringing a one dimensional outline sketch into the start of a two or 3 dimensional presentation that a viewer can identify with is such a joyous and satisfying challenge.

I must admit when I first began painting way back in the early 1980's I would avoid the business of mixing color on the palette, but as I continued to learn and stepped out in faith to mix my own colors all fear vanished and a whole new and exciting world opened up to me!  I still use some tube colors of course, but I now have that wonderful freedom to choose and mix just the exact color I need.  So if you too feel timid about venturing into the art of mixing your colors please be assured it will become rewarding and great fun and a practice you will never regret.

Decisions are being made continually.  What color do I want to shine through all the finished layers I may apply?  My choices of transparent color to be laid over the original under-washes of the various yellows from now on will be very important if I want the piece to glow from within, or give an unusual atmospheric mood. 

The next stage will begin to introduce the mottled effect of the early stages of the background color and mood as well as a sneak preview of what this whimsical piece will look like in it's cherry oval frame.

Until next time, keep practicing, and learning to keep your paintings fresh by mixing your own colors on your palette. Enjoy!  :>)