Finchs Garden Stage 2 Watercolor by Jan Howlett
Hi All Artists Hearts,

It has been longer than expected, but finally Stage 2 is now live.  This photo is a little dark, but shows the outline a little better than if I had brightened it more.  I have used 2 yellows to lay in the foundation underlays that will eventually influence the various different color washes that I will apply.  One is a warm yellow and the other a cool yellow, depending on the direction of the sun and of course whether the area is exposed to the sky.

The sketch itself is laser printed onto my 140 lb. Hot Pressed Arches paper for a special painting that will fit into a dark cherry colored oval frame for my Mom's 90th Birthday celebration.  Some of the intimate details will be highlighted to add interest such as the bird house, Purple Finch, lady bug and two little blue butterflies flitting about the garden.  Since this little oval frame would not accommodate a mat and still leave room for a decent size painting I decided to print the Scripture Verse right onto the art paper in a curved formation to suit the oval frame.

So we have a great start to the painting and soon I will begin to add some of the colors related to the second and third washes.  And when I do that the painting will start to take on a life of it's own.

The colors were of concern to me since I wasn't sure of the new colors Mom had used in her apartment renovation yet and I didn't want to ask and risk ruining the surprise.  So even this little detail became a matter of prayer.

Later on, when I was almost finished the painting, I did find out through my sister that the colors that I had used were indeed a perfect match for Mom's colors!  Needless to say I was thrilled and full of praise for God's guidance in the whole matter.

Until next time, keep your brushes busy and paint what stirs your heart and fills it with joy.