Hello All Artist Hearts!
We arrived back from a restful time away for which we praise the Lord. It was truly needed.  I enjoyed painting, reading and keeping my hubby Ross company as he did a little fishing as usual while enjoying great conversations around our favorite topics.  Ross managed to catch a number of little fish and then the biggest fish he has ever caught was almost landed but broke his fishing line at the last moment...all caught on video!  So it really is our "fish story" of the big one that got away.  :>)

Finchs Garden Stage 1 sketch by Jan HowlettWe enjoyed  several visits by the local Muskrat and their new family of 3 babies swimming not far from our fishing dock.  Kingfishers were quite successful in their fishing expeditions as well.

I am now back at the drawing table refreshed and although it's a little overdue,  here is the second installment of "Home Sweet Home-Finch's Garden".   As promised, I finished the composition sketch and chose the Scripture verse that will accompany this Watercolor.  It was created to celebrate my Mother's 90th Birthday.  A little realistic and a little whimsy blended together this time.  Lots of fun.

There was lots to consider in this drawing ...details that would give the piece its character, movement and charm.  It would need to include her favorite elements of the garden and her love for birds as well as butterflies.   Once I started the sketch it just seemed to flow easily together.  I could hardly wait to start the actual painting and the laying in of the first pale under washes.

So I have included the sketch above for you to enjoy.  Next post we will begin the painting and watch this one dimensional drawing start to transform into a 3 dimensional painting.

Until then keep inspired and enjoy the luxury of painting what touches your heart.