Hi All Artists Hearts,
While we wait for final approval to arrive from the original photographer who granted permission to use his work for the finished Watercolor, "The Last Rose of Summer"  let's start a new series called "Home Sweet Home-Finch's Garden.   Let me introduce you to some of the various components that will make up this sweet little composition.  The first photo is a manipulated compilation of several different photographs for the possible composition, including the Adonis blue butterfly from my original Watercolor known as "Butterfly Days of Summer."

I had been collecting a number of resources and photographs, but as I was auditioning these items I noticed a piece of gnarled driftwood in amongst some beautiful roses in the Fair Havens Rose gardens while on holiday last Fall.  It triggered my imagination and once again my artistic juices were running away ahead of my paintbrush! :>)

I started playing with the idea of using this gnarled wood as the support for a birdhouse tucked in amongst the roses. Well, if you have a birdhouse then you have to have a resident bird to occupy it.  But what bird would I choose? 
(This little fellow was very comical at times.)
Then I remembered our delightful little Purple Finches that frequent our back deck back home and how they would perch on the railing and look inquisitively at us watching them through the kitchen window.  Sometimes they were down right comical in their postures and antics.  Adorable and very entertaining, but also very beautiful in color.  

I actually included this little bird as a side feature in my published, illustrated devotional book,
The Treasure of His Company, still available for purchase on our website link here.   Another piece of eye candy to this artist's heart.  So that is how the Purple Finch auditioned for this painting. There may even be a Ladybug somewhere in the garden as well.

Originally I thought I would do a very large painting, and I may still do that, but in the meantime I realized my Mom's 90th Birthday was fast approaching and I wanted to do a smaller version for her small apartment.  So I re-scaled it and the fun began. And so I thought I would share it with you all as a new series.

Next post I will share the final sketch and format style with you.  Until then happy painting!