Watercolor Harmonizing Down By The Pond by Jan Howlett
Hi All Artists Hearts,
"Harmonizing Down by The Pond" is finally completed and now you can see all the individual segments that we have been studying all put together as a unit.  And so the story is complete.  I have been careful to include many of the research details discussed in earlier posts.  One of the more challenging parts of this painting, oddly enough, was the water and its reflections.  I wanted to be careful to have the pond and river to be contained and not flow out into an everlasting distance. In other words, I didn't want the viewer to feel lost, or that the river was endless.

I wanted the evening sky to be quiet yet full of light to contrast the Tree Frogs and draw the eye to each of them. Some of the evening sky colors didn't produce quite the way I wanted them to for this web version, but there is a little more of the pinky orange in the middle sky in the original. However, the colors for the frogs turned out very well in the photo.

I was delighted with how the positioning of each frog and what each of them were looking at clearly leads your view to the star of the show, the Red-eyed Tree Frog and then moves your eye through the rest of the picture.  It was such fun thinking this through so the story would flow smoothly.

I was intent on capturing the details of the frogs feet, body colorings, and especially their amazing eyes. 
In this painting each frog species has a very different set of eyes and they were fascinating to paint.  I also wanted to stay true to their habitat in it's tropical setting.  It was a challenge trying to keep them up in their tree dwellings and yet in a space open enough where they could enjoy harmonizing socially together. 

It was a complete joy to create and paint this little whimsical picture.  But what was even more satisfying was when the time came to present this piece to my new friend and seamstress as a thank you gift.  She was just thrilled with it and so overjoyed to think she actually owned an original.  She just loves frogs and has a special pond on her farm and enjoys watching them on a regular basis.  As it turned out she actually has Green Tree Frogs visit her at her house where she can watch them sunning on her doorway.  They are comical to watch moving about on the glass.  So this was a perfect thank you gift and it was a blessing to share it with her for all her kindness to me over this past year as I convalesced after my surgery.

She has been through a lot in life, as many of us have experienced in our own lives as well, but how special to endure over time and be able to say together with a full heart of thanksgiving when we are reminded by the Scriptures, "The Lord... put a new song in my mouth,...a song of praise to our God."  (Psalm 40:1-3)  I trust "Harmonizing Down By The Pond" will be a bright spot and help us all to let God fill our hearts with praise and lighten our daily cares and burdens as we trust Him to carry us through them, moment by moment.

So this ends this fun series, but another is in the wings and we will introduce it shortly. Need a hint? Think about what it might possibly mean when we say, "My Fair Havens Beauties". That is my first working title, but a second one may be, "This Side of the Fence!" Should be a challenge for us. :>) Until then, stay inspired and keep your brushes active.