Harmonizing Down by The Pond, Watercolor by Jan HowlettHi All Artist Hearts,

Here are a few basic facts on our typical Garden Green Frog as seen taking shelter by an old cracked clay pot here in our art oval sample. I wanted to include him in contrast to his colorful family friends.  He is a familiar find in many gardens and children just love capturing them for pets.
  • The garden green frog is 5.7 to 9 cm (2.25 -3.5")
  • Found in every eastern province (introduced to Newfoundland)
  • Call is a twang like a loose banjo string.
  • Calling begins in late spring or early summer.
  • Green with dorsolateral lines the full length down the back
  • Dark cross-bands on legs
  • .Male has a yellow throat and the eardrum is twice the size of the eye.

It has been fun painting in the cross-bands on his legs while at the same time keeping the sunny highlights in tact. In our next post we will focus on the star of the show, the adult Red-eyed Tree Frog before we complete the series with the final installments. We are nearing the end of this series but we have a few posts yet to go.  So please stay tuned.

Until next time, keep inspired and your brushes wet.

Blessings, Jan.