Tree Frogs Stage 3 Watercolor by Jan Howlett
Hi All Artists Hearts,

Stage 3 shows good progress with our whimsical Watercolor, "Harmonizing Down by The Pond".  The first color pigmented washes have been laid in and now completely bone dry.  I used Cerulean Blue for the sky and pond passages and various summer greens for the start of the tropical fronds.  The soft layer of warm Indian Yellow under wash sets the stage for the mauve and pink sunset afterglow to come later.

We have concentrated on these first few layers to assist us in pin-pointing the level for our tones that will be needed to truly cause our eyes to focus toward our subjects, the Tree Frogs.  I have gone further than I normally would in Stage 3 of this demo because I wanted you to see significant progress.  This is a shorter series and a much smaller piece.

Both Tree Frogs are quite bright in their individual colors and so I wanted to be careful to put my darkest darks next to my brightest light colors to help them stand out against the many leafy details soon to be painted within their habitat.

Since these frogs are active from early evening onward I have planned a sky set at dusk with it's soft afterglow in order to compliment the aqua color of the Red-eyed tree frog and the brilliant lively green of the other frog as they sit perched above the water below.

I wanted their pond and river inlet to provide them with an inviting gathering place to "harmonize down by the pond" with their pals. That will be developed more in our next post.

While I was waiting for several passages to dry I continued my study of these interesting little creatures.  One of the many facts I came across was truly fascinating.  So much so that I included it in our bi-annual Newsletter in our "The Lamb's Gazette" column on page 2.  Here is what I found.

I was amazed to learn that when these frogs lay their eggs God has equipped the embryos within the sack that hangs from a leaf or branch
in which they live, with the ability to know the difference between the slightest movement from the wind & the dangerous brush from a predator.

If they are attacked only the ones in danger nearest the intruder instantly release themselves from their sack & drop safely into the water below. What an incredible sensitivity!

God has given us a Spiritual sensitivity as well to recognize danger & run to Him for our complete protection.  He helps us to know the difference between a harmless brush from everyday living & a dangerous temptation or life-threatening brush from the enemy of our souls.

As His children we can safely rest in God as our Saviour, and completely trust Christ’s provisions for us every day, no matter what we may face! When we belong to Jesus it is indeed a comfort to know that He is always there for us no matter what life brings! Indeed, He is only a prayer away!

Next post we will see a dramatic transformation in this composition.  It is the part I enjoy the most when I can play with all the gorgeous colors and tell a story with my paint brush.  Until next time, happy painting.  Keep inspired and paint what you love.  It will show in your work!