Papa Bald Eagle sketchHello Artist Hearts,
I'm finally back in the studio, but just for a short time.  Sorry for the delay in postings and for a slight change in subject content.  I have not been well and battling an unknown condition and so I have not been up to completing my color samples as promised in our last segment.

Instead, I thought I would include a partial drawing of the male Bald Eagle that I call "Papa."  I started him some weeks ago.  I hope to complete his body including his all-powerful feet in a landing position on one of the main support branches of the nest structure.  Notice he has a large branch in his beak.  You will see the connection and import of this extra detail in the finished composition.

I apologize for the delay and trust that you will all be patient and understanding of my uncertain health concerns. Until next time, watch for fresh ideas and keep your brushes always ready to paint.  Blessings, Jan.