Male Bald Eagle landing feet Hi All Artist Hearts.  Just stopping in to share a short and final segment of the preliminary sketch for our Bald Eagle family.   We are just concentrating on the male Eagle's landing feet (which will be more polished by the time we get to the painting stage) as they might appear on the major branch framing the entrance to the nest where Baby and Mom Eagle are enjoying progress on a daily lesson in nest building and the laws of Eagle architecture.  We are very close now to presenting the entire composition with all the individual elements that we have been working on these past many weeks coming together so that we can all see the real story about a typical day in the life of our little avian family.

We have covered many details leading up to what we will know as Family Affair.  We have tried to tell a story in the day and life of a normal healthy Bald Eagle family.  Their daily routine is like clockwork starting very early when the first light of dawn is barely peeking over the horizon.  But life is full and very active for this little family and by the time the sun is fully up Papa Eagle arrives with a delicious meal of fish including a new stylish tree branch to add to the furniture decor, or perhaps another practical, protective railing to keep Baby Eagle from falling out of the nest. 

Watch for the surprise emotional element that we hope will bring in the "awe" factor when you finally see the full sketch.  Until then, thanks for your patience as I continue to recover and slowly get back to more regular posts.  In the meantime, stay inspired and keep your brushes busy.  Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.
Blessings, Jan