Hello all Artist Hearts, 
Finally the rough thumbnail sketch we have all been waiting for is done!  All the individual segments have been knit together.  The seed idea for this painting started way back in 2008 and is only now being completed.  Some pieces take longer than others to gel together, whether the delays come in the form of research or other responsibilities demand our time...sooner or later that idea presses in and cries for attention.  This is good though because when you can't ignore it any longer the passion to complete it drives your creative heart toward the finish line.

However, as I step back and study my drawing I see that I have several compositional areas that need to be corrected before I can begin the transfer to my art paper.  I will be using my favorite 140 lb. Hot Press Arches' paper.  It will be ideal for the glazing technique I use as well as the scrubbing action that will be required for a number of the areas and finished textures not only for the tree trunks but the nesting materials as well.   

The areas of concern center around the two knots on the trunks.  When the segments were put together they unintentionally lined up horizontally drawing the attention of the eye too much, not to mention that they then become uninteresting.  They need to be repositioned so the secondary center of focus will return to the mother Eagle and nestling baby eaglet.  With this regard the sub branch under the main limb where Papa Eagle has landed should extend further into the picture and into the nesting area to re-enforce the eye toward our  focus on our Baby Eagle.

The next area of concern clearly surrounds Papa Eagle and his tail feathers and leg shapes as well as some extra finishing details.   Although I was pressed for time to get this segment posted, rather than delay it any longer by trying to correct them first, I decided to go ahead and post it including these problem areas. I see that it is a good opportunity to show where and how a composition can be improved and therefore use it as a learning tool.

So, the next time you see the finished drawing these problems will be solved.  It will take some time to do the transfer from rough sketch to an accurate, completed drawing.  I ask for your patience as I work out these final steps.

By the way, did you catch the emotional surprise and connection in this sketch?  It may be a little difficult for you to see clearly in these small sketches, so I have included a close up of the baby watching his Papa.  Perfect 'early childhood education' I think!
Like father, like son!   
This behaviour actually happened in the nest and it was captured on film.  It was such a touching moment I couldn't resist including it in my painting and thus the story I was trying to capture in this piece wonderfully played out before my very eyes without even having to lift a finger.   The scene evokes emotion and bonding.  It is quite a story that is being written in the lives of this amazing Bald Eagle family.  The lessons that Baby learns now and how well he learns is crucial to his future and the survival of this once endangered species. 

It brought a smile to my heart and several titles floated through my mind.   I knew I just had to paint this sweet event that was happening in this family affair! 

You can be thinking ahead now as to the perfect title, as you see the finished drawing and subsequent painting stages become completed.  When we get closer to the finish line on this one we will put up a poll to see what everyone thinks is the most appropriate title and play a important part in this project.   Until next time, stay inspired and keep your brushes wet.  Have a great day,
Blessings, Jan.